Orca Coalition stunned about deafness Morgan

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Loro Parque and SeaWorld are preparing for a possible loss in the upcoming proceedings on the merits [of the case] in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam, 24 May 2012 – The Orca Coalition is stunned about the new bubble from Loro Parque on the health of orca Morgan. The orca is suddenly deaf. This story is similar to a strategy previously used by dolphinaria: by claiming that an animal is deaf, the animal cannot be released back into nature. The then three-year old Sully (like Morgan, a cetacean) stranded in Curaçao in 2009, and was brought back to health by a dolphinarium. After rehabilitation Sully could not be released: partially deaf, was supposed. Sully who, like Morgan is worth a fortune, now swims in captivity in a tank of SeaWorld in San Diego. The same SeaWorld that together with Loro Parque exploits ‘Orca Ocean’ where Morgan is now held captive.

“From the moment that Morgan was allegedly taken in, no independent expertise has been consulted. Everything has been left to the industry itself: whether the orca, which is worth a fortune, may return to sea, and how she is doing in Loro Parque. Loro Parque has repeatedly rejected a request from the Orca Coalition to have independent experts view the current status of Morgan, “said spokeswoman and marine biologist Barbara van Genne, of the Orca Coalition. “And now again they themselves are saying that there is something with Morgan. We actually expected this excuse to keep her in captivity, a year ago. Earlier we already heard: too young, too accustomed to people and family cannot be found. ”
Notable is that in a report by Dolfinarium Harderwijk (12 december 2010) it is noted that, “If Morgan is deaf, physically or socially unable to join peers, then a return to sea is not an option.”

The upcoming proceedings on the merits [of the case] is likely to appear in court in August. The Orca Coalition argues that orca Morgan should have been released, and probably should not even been taken out of the sea, according to international rules and regulations.

The Orca Coalition is a partnership between the Dutch wildlife conservation organizations Dolphinmotion, EDEV – Een DIER Een VRIEND –, Bite Back, PINK!, Sea First Foundation, The Black Fish and Four PAWS.

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